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modern olive mill
 The modern olive mill closes the agroindustrial cycle

In the olive mill, quality has preference over quantity. The productive process, led by our Italian Oil Master Giorgio Franci, has following main characteristics:

Maximum time lapse between harvest and grinding of the olives: three hours.
The olives are carefully washed with pure clean water and dried immediately afterwards.
Grind at different speeds, according to the desired kind of oil.
Stirred in air tight containers at temperatures between 23 and 25 ºC in order to keep the most desirable organoleptic traits.
Horizontal centrifugation with posterior decantation in Florentine type stainless steel decanters.
Alternative process in vertical centrifugation without water addition.
Stored under controlled temperature in cellars with nitrogen stabilized stainless steel containers.

This production process is applied to each olive consignment according to the desired traits to be achieved. Working in this way it is possible to obtain different olive oils, each one with its very special characteristics and very well defined “personality”.

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