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Hacienda Iber is the commercial denomination for an agroindustrial development focused on the production and trade of highest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The enterprise was initiated in the final years of the past century with the irrigation project for the rural property “Llosa”. The development is based in the most modern drip irrigation systems and also computerized control and wireless data transmission within the whole plantation. This equipment allows an extremely careful management of the raw materials. At the end of 2004, in the best location of the “Hacienda”, the olive mill was build. The factory works with the most modern technology and is designed to obtain olive oil of the highest quality.

Both selected raw materials and an extremely careful agro-industrial procedure guarantee the high quality of the Hacienda Iber oils, which are addressed to a market growingly knowledgeable about “gourmet” products.

The first production season took place in November 2005. The famous Italian Oil Master Giorgi Franci defined the present product range.

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