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 Groves disposed in hedgerows



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The groves have a planting density of some 1.000 trees/ha, following different planting patterns.

The trees are disposed in hedgerows, which allows “just in time” harvesting exactly at the right moment to obtain olives of the best quality. Time between harvesting and grinding is never longer than three hours.Water is irrigated together with fertilizer – fertirrigation – through a drip irrigation system. Water is provided once a day close to each plant´s roots, with the needed amount of fertilizer and at exactly the proper time, achieving a high efficiency for those scarce resources.

The used varieties are “Arbequina, “Arbosana” and “Frantoio”. “Arbequina” and “Arbosana” are native of the region and are perfectly adapted to the climate of the production area. Presently the plantation has 250.000 trees; 215.000 belong to the variety “Arbequina”. It is expected to increase this number to 400.000, expanding the productive base and introducing new varieties.

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