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  The modern olive mill closes the agroindustrial cycle.



Once the vast majority of the olive groves has reached its productive stage at the end of 2004 we started building of the olive mill. That modern mill is located in the most strategic location of the “hacienda”; both mill and olive tree plantation together are the essential parts of HACIENDA IBER, the agroindustrial complex that gives name to our brand.

The olive mill is located on the peninsula projected into the waters of the lake of Mequinenza. It harbours the most modern technology to obtain extra virgin olive oil and also other installations that make of HACIENDA IBER a new concept in the world of the olive oil.

The perfect integration of the olive mill within the plantation, the closed agroindustrial cycle, the traceability of the product and raw materials, the loving care from tree to bottle are all part of the concept on which HACIENDA IBER is based. It is a working philosophy directed to obtain the highest possible quality in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil; in this sense, the final products are real “Chateaus” of the olive oil industry.

Relying on the tradition and experience of the olive oil industry in the “Bajo Aragón” and on the most modern installations and equipment, the oil mill is a real model for the whole of Spain.

As a production centre for real “Chateau” among the oils, the main facilities allow activities for a better knowledge and understanding of the cultural aspects of the olive oil industry, with dining rooms, tasting room, classroom for special training. Also cultural and sports activities can be practiced in the natural park where the “finca” is located.

The final proposal is to develop a new concept of tourism called “oil tourism”, based on visits to the agro-industrial complex, the plantation and the olive mill and also to develop sport and cultural activities in the area.

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