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Extra Virgin Olive Oil ·Selection intense fruity
Monovarietal oil from “Arbosana” olives. Shows the full expression of this, up to now almost unknown variety, which has an enormous potential for the elaboration of highest quality oils. Harvested on the right moment and most carefully processed, this olive variety offers a highest quality oil with very special taste shadows.
Available in dark glass bottles of 250, 500 and 750 ml and also in tin cans of 2 l and 5 l.


Intense fruity selection

Production region: Aragón.
Production area: Mequinenza.
Topographic height: 120 m above sea level.
Variety: Arbosana.
Harvesting period: October 15th to November 10th.
Extraction system: Continuous, dual phase.
Aspect: Filtrated, clean.
Density: Middle fluidity.
Colour: Golden yellow with green glares.
Aroma: Intense fruity, after fresh and clean olives, very elegant and complex. Grassy aromas reminding thistle, bitter almonds and elegant notes of fruit an spices.
Taste: Broad and equilibrated, obtained on a sweet and rich base of vegetable aromas, medium intensity peppery with very pleasant bitter notes reminding of thistle. Light spicy aftertaste.
Pairing: Optimum for fish and shellfish starters, its dressings and salads. Middle tasting fish, steamed pulses and vegetables.
Analysis: Carried out in the food testing laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture of the regional government of Aragón (Laboratorio Agroalimentario - Departamento de Agricultura y Alimentación – Diputación General de Aragón) in December, 2006.
Acidity: 0.10 % (oleic acid).
Peroxide index: 4.60 meq 02/kg

Harvest 2007-2008

• Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 2008 Competition.
Best of Class. Hacienda Iber. International / Spain - North Aragón, Arbosana, Medium.
Gold Medal Award Hacienda Iber. International / Spain - North Aragón, Arbosana, Medium.

• 3rd China International Olive Competition, 2008 – Shanghai. Silver Olive Intense – Hacienda Iber Arbosana.

Harvest 2006-2007

• ZURICH 2007 – 6th. International Olive Oil Award.

• L.A. County Fair 2007 Olive Oil Awards. Spanish Classic Blends. Medalla de Plata

• Der Feinschmecker: Referenciado como uno de los 200 mejores aceites de oliva virgen extra del mundo.

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